Stratosphere VR

Rento VR

Hold tight and let yourself be transported to wonderful places, all in virtual reality. Travel to a paradisiacal beach where many beautiful fishes and manta rays live. Continue your adventure in a Zeppelin followed by an inquisitive eagle in the famous Machu Picchu. End your journey in a submarine station where you can admire magnificent whales and other sea animals.

To intensify your immersion, we use 4D effects to stimulate your senses.

The program takes place inside the Loterie Romande container. The latter has diverse 4D components, a wooden bridge and two virtual reality headsets HTC Vive Pro. The project is produced by the Loterie Romande, led by Trivial Mass and developed by Stratosphere VR.

His execution was synchronized with the promotional campaign of the new series of Rento. This adventure has opened in Lausanne, Place de L’Europe, the 22th of January 2019. It will be in Neuchâtel, rue de l’Hôpital, the next week. And it will end in Geneva, Gare Cornavin the 6th to 8th February 2019.